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A labor of love

Meet jennifer

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Koran, owner of Crooked River Candle, LLC ™

I chose the name Crooked River for my candle business because of my fond memories of The Cuyahoga River. I am so appreciative to live so close to the towpaths of The Cuyahoga Valley National Parks systems. Whether running, biking, or walking with friends, family, or my border collie Stinger, the beauty and comfort of nature and The Cuyahoga River aka "The Crooked River"  are a beauty and feeling that I wanted to convey in my business. 


This candle business all started after struggling to find affordable high quality candles to incorporate into the gift baskets of my former business Eaton Basket Company.  This led me to my "aha moment", the idea to learn all that I could and produce my very own candle line.


With a great deal of research, passion, learning, and discovery, I've been able to hone in on my creativity and come up with a very unique brand. I can truly say that I've found my love and passion in the candle business.

Crooked River Candle's mission is to offer the best in candles and products. From curating unique Artisan crafted vessels that become reusable keepsakes, to hand selecting unique fragrance and essential oils free from phthalates, to hand stirring our soy wax blend in small batches.  We are a brand inspired by nature and the senses, with humans and the environment in mind.


Crooked River Candle, LLC is proud to work hand in hand with other artisans such as potters, wood carvers, concrete makers, hand blown recycled glass designers,and custom sandblasters.  

Repurpose or Refill

  • Our curated hand-thrown pottery is microwave, oven safe, and can be used as a drinking vessel.

  • Our vessels are often repurposed as planters, filled with mosses, decorative stone, or as catch alls.. etc.

  • We also offer refills at our new Twinsburg store. Send me a text or email to inquire!

Our attention to quality ingredients and unique vessels really sets us apart from your average chandler!  We use a long lasting, clean burning soy blend wax, natural crackling wood wicks, cotton wicks that are free of lead, and clean premium non-toxic fragrance and essential oil blends. We see our candles as a way to set the mood and beautify your space and we will never sacrifice our quality. 

As my father has always said "A job isn't worth doing unless it's a job well done." -Albert Bolek-

That's the only way I work. It's my personal guarantee to you.

-Jennifer Koran | Founder of Crooked River Candle, LLC

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