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our newest Candle
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Thick molded glass hand wrapped in braided rattan

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Meet our Best selling Candle

The 12 oz. Rustic Farmhouse Tin Candle. It's versatile, long-lasting(72+hrs)and chic. Sure to match any décor

"Galvanized rustic tin candles add the perfect farmhouse chic touch to any environment. From its crackling wood wick to its Crooked River Candle wooden circle. I love the idea of adding art and texture along with the best soy, fragrance and wood wicks. These will be sure elevate your environment!" -Jennifer

"Ready to make a statement? Our beautiful chic farmhouse dough bowls will do just that. Fill your room with scent and style. They come in your choice of whitewash or natural and 3 different sizes. These will look perfect in any space."


Natural and Whitewash Wood Dough Bowls

These are made from Hand-Carved Spanish Oak. Each one is unique. They have 3 crackling wood wicks and 15-19 oz. of beautifully blended soy and fragrance

Naturally Simple

  • Soy based wax blend candles

  • Soy that comes from US grown soybeans

  • Made in the USA and poured by hand

  • Small Batch

  • Family owned and operated business

  • Premium fragrance and essential oil blends

  • Phthalate free fragrance

  • Kosher certified, vegan wax

  • Cruelty Free

  • Cotton Braided Wicks are lead and zinc free

  • Wood Wicks that are ethically sourced and produce little to no soot or black smoke.

  • Long lasting and clean even burning 

  • An amazing burn time of about 6-7 hours per ounce

  • Our gorgeous vessels make great keepsakes:

  • recycled glass, zinc tins, pottery, sand-blasted etched mugs, and wood bowls are 100% reusable

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As my father has always said "A job isn't worth doing unless it's a job well done" -Albert Bolek-

"..and that's the only way I work. It is my personal guarantee to you."

-Jennifer Koran/Founder