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15+ ounces | Soy Blend | Medium wood dough bowl | 3 wood wicks | adorned with burlap, natural jute, and wood/foam flower. Candles are shrink wrapped for protection during shipping and against dust.


Initial Burn should always be 4 hours or until a full melt pool has reached the edges of the container. After the life of the candle, wash bowl out with hot soapy water, spray with rubbing alcohol to clear the scent out and reuse as a planter, or decorative piece.


-Clean burning soy blend candle 
-Premium mix of fragrance and essential oils (phthalate free)
-Sustainably sourced wooden wick from sappy trees 
-Hand-Carved Spanish oak vessel can be repurposed for home decor.
-Vegan & Kosher | Cruelty Free | Eco-Friendly |Hand poured in small batch | Made in the USA

Dough Bowl Candle(Whitewash)-Wood Flower+ Burlap Décor

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